Tinley Park family fights to keep pet pigs after village says they have to go

There's an effort underway in the south suburbs to save two pigs a family considers pets, but their village sees as farm animals.

Milton and Pierre are mini pigs who've lived with the Vana family in Tinley Park almost eight years.

"They're very intelligent animals, which I don't think a lot of people know. They do tricks. They were litter box trained and now they're potty trained to go outside. They're just so cute with their little snouts and they're just part of the family," said Breanna Vana.


Vana says animal control showed up recently saying the pigs have to go. They violate a Tinley Park ordinance.

"Right away we're like, we're not giving them up. We're fighting to keep them even if that means we have to get the ordinance changed or you know, whatever. I feel like it's such an outdated ordinance. I would love to have it changed, for people to accept pigs as pets, because they're clean. They're just like a dog or cat," said Vana.

She's not alone. A Change.org petition to change the rules in honor of Milton and Pierre had more than 3,600 signatures as of Friday afternoon.

The Vana family pledges to keep fighting to protect their pets.