'Traffic nightmare' in northwest Indiana following solar eclipse

Travelers in northwest Indiana are bracing for another traffic gridlock Monday afternoon following the 2024 solar eclipse.

The current scene on Interstate 65 northbound just south of Lafayette paints a troubling picture. Traffic congestion mirrors the earlier conditions experienced by southbound commuters, only this time, it appears to be even worse.

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The anticipation of the solar eclipse has prompted a surge of travelers, exacerbating traffic conditions along major highways. With motorists flocking to prime viewing spots, roadways have become inundated with vehicles, leading to extensive delays and frustration among commuters.

Authorities are urging travelers to exercise patience and caution while navigating through the congested areas. Additionally, alternative routes and modes of transportation are being recommended to alleviate the strain on road networks.

Residents are advised to plan their journeys carefully, allowing for extra travel time and remaining vigilant on the roads.