Trucks loaded with bottled water ship out from Chicago to help devastated Mississippi

Chicago is sending truckloads of care to people devastated by flooding in Mississippi.

Two semi-trucks loaded with donated bottled water left the South Side Monday night.

The trucks were headed for Jackson, Mississippi, which has been without clean water for a week now after flooding overwhelmed its water treatment facility.


The original plan was for Chicago to send one truckload, but the generous donations just kept coming.

"We were probably about half a truck full at the beginning of the day, which was great, I was happy with that. And literally, out of nowhere people were coming like, ‘hey I’ll give you two pallets, I’ll give you one pallet, I’ll give you five pallets.’ And now we actually are over," said Early Walker, philanthropist.

The trucks are traveling through the night. They're expected to arrive in Mississippi on Tuesday.