Trump doubles down on 'law and order' rhetoric during Kenosha visit

After touring buildings burned out and looted in Kenosha, President Donald Trump today suggested structural police reforms demanded by protestors are not popular with everyone.

“Well, I think people are calling for structural change,” Trump said. “And then you could take the people of Kenosha, that aren't here and you won't see and that aren't protesting but they want change also. They want to see law and order.”

Mocking calls to defund police, Trump announced $1 million in new federal money for Kenosha’s police department, with another $41 million going to law enforcement statewide in Wisconsin. 

For the second straight day, he bragged of assigning several hundred federal agents to work with Chicago police. 

“Obviously that's been a disaster, Chicago -- total disaster. With again radical left Democrat--it's all Democrat. We cut the number of murders in Chicago last month in half. Still way too many," Trump said.

Chicago saw 45% fewer killings in August than it did in July.

A spokesman for Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Chicago police deserve the lion's share of credit, citing in particular their seizure of a record-breaking 1,300 illegal guns last month. 

The feds are still pursuing alleged “violent instigators" who attacked Kenosha. 

"They were coming from California, Washington state, a lot from Chicago,” said Attorney General William Barr

Be the issue police reform or whether systemic racism is a big problem in the U.S., Trump and Joe Biden offer voters the sharpest contrast in any presidential campaign in many years.