Trump rally chaos may strengthen support

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CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) -- An unprecedented scene in Chicago Friday night at a Donald Trump rally left some wondering, was it planned?

The political rally for the republican presidential candidate at the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion was abruptly cancelled due to safety concerns.

"It was printed by people that were professional people, if you look at the posters, they are all printed, they have a mark who made them,” said the Republican candidate Donald Trump to a crowd in Ohio. “All done by a group. All very professional done. A disgrace if you want to know the truth.”

Anthony Bova and his girlfriend went to the rally not as supporters, but wanting to hear Trump and his ideas.   Waiting to go inside Bova bought a red trucker hat that read “Make America Great Again" a line Trump often says.

“It's a nice hat, and I like what it says I wish there was a candidate that could make this happen, sad for America that this is going on,” said Bova who explains the new hate put a target on his back.  “I heard some people saying something about the hat and next thing I know a girl, pretty tall, about my height smacked of off my head.”

He says he went to pick it up when someone punched him in the head over and over.

Meanwhile inside the pavilion, more fights erupted between supporters and protesters.

Jedidiah Brown, a local community organizer, said he went to the rally not with the intention of getting onstage, but felt compelled to do just that.

“I wanted the message to be heard, ‘America is already great without the hate,’" said Brown of his appearance onstage Friday night.

Secret service whisked him away and he says he was met with violence from supporters. 

“A guy jumped on my back with a flag on and out me in a headlock once I spun out of that I was kind of defending myself and once I got out of that headlock, I swung on him because I felt threatened," said Brown.

Political professor at Roosevelt University Paul Green said the location was an unusual choice and a long way from where other presidential candidates have chosen to rally - all in the suburbs.

“It's either a total miscalculation on the campaign or one clever, clever maneuver,” he said referring to the near downtown, college campus location.

According to Green, what happened Friday night at the UIC pavilion is unprecedented in Chicago.

"We often don't give a damn who's running for president big deal this is one of the few times where president is dictating the political landscape,” said Green.

He says the chaos Friday night will only help the candidate in his quest for the Republican nomination.

Green doesn’t believe Trump will come back to Chicago any time soon - because he thinks the candidate got what he wants out Chicago.

Illinois and 4 other states will hold primaries on Tuesday.