Ukrainians in Chicago nervously pray amid Russian invasion

Nervousness turned to distress in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village, as church officials invited all of Chicago to find comfort in prayer.

Students from Saint Nicholas Elementary walked from school to the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral for a special service of meditation and faith.

They have been watching the news and worrying about family who live in Ukraine, a place they also love.

Some are inconsolable.

Paul Komoroch, an eighth grader says his cousins in Ukraine are his age and are ready to defend the country, "In my opinion, it is very scary, I don't know how they feel since they live there and go to school there. Now they have to do what they can do to keep themselves alive."


Family members shared cell phone videos of the explosions they witnessed.

During a divine liturgy, the priest of Saint Nicholas, Fr. Serhiy Kovalchuk, asked everyone to pray, especially the children. 

"You know the prayer of children is very strong, because they have clean hearts. I invite children to pray for Ukraine and for peace," Kovalchuk said.

Geri Abramiuk, manager of the Ukrainian Cultural Center, called this a horrible day. 

"All Ukrainians have been up all night watching the news," Abramiuk said. "It’s very, very sad."

The community has been demonstrating and protesting for months. Tonight a vigil is planned to honor lives lost.

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