Unity event held in Chicago area in response to Israel-Palestine conflict

Rockets are flying in broad daylight as the violence between Israelis and Palestinians has reached new heights.

A number of airlines are suspending flights to Israel as the clash continues. United has canceled flights out of Chicago, Newark and San Francisco.

American and Delta have also followed suit and canceled flights there.

In the Chicago area, more events were held on Thursday over the Palestine-Israel conflict.

Organizers called the event an expression of unity and support for terror victims. It took place in the parking lot of the Northbrook Community Synagogue. This follows other local demonstrations held Wednesday, calling for peace in the middle east.

Organizers of Thursday's event told FOX 32, "This is not a Jewish issue, but rather a human issue."


The group's overall message is that there is never an excuse for terror. 

Clergy members from different faiths spoke at the protest and were hoping to educate the public more on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

They planned to distribute fact sheets and other research about the ongoing conflict.