Unusual Democratic and GOP primaries show politicians think Foxx is vulnerable

Two more would-be state's attorneys are blasting incumbent Kim Foxx Tuesday night.

No one knows exactly what Special Counsel Dan Webb will find in his just-barely-begun investigation of Kim Foxx's handling, or mishandling, of the Jussie Smollett case. 

However, Democrat Donna More, who says she'll oppose Foxx in the March 17 primary, is rendering her verdict.

"Kim Foxx was elected to clean up Cook County," More said. "Instead, she takes her marching orders from the same corrupt political machine that has failed our families."

Also, vowing to enter the Democratic primary: former Assistant Prosecutor Bill Conway.

A republican also just announced, using a video in which he never speaks a word.

"We need Pat O'Brien as state's attorney to work with law enforcement, to target gangs, keep drugs off our streets, and eliminate the epidemic of violence," the video says.

The former judge worked in the state's attorney's office for more than a dozen years.

With 2016's GOP nominee, Christopher Pfannkuche, saying he plans to run again, Cook County next year could experience something it hasn't in years: a spirited, contested countywide Republican primary.

A spokesperson for the incumbent's re-election campaign wrote, "Kim Foxx is leading fundamental change in the state's attorney's office that is improving public safety. She will stand up to anyone who wants to turn back the clock."

While it's unusual in Cook County to see multiple Democratic and Republican challengers, it underscores how vulnerable they think the state's attorney maybe next year.