Venezuelan migrants charged with stealing thousands in goods from Oak Brook Macy's

Two Venezuelan migrants suspected of stealing more than $2,800 worth of merchandise from the Macy's store in west suburban Oak Brook on Halloween have been charged.

Luis Mendez-Gomez, 28, and Frank Montez-Davila, 23, both of Venezuela currently staying in Chicago, have each been charged with burglary and retail theft. Mendez-Gomez was also charged with driving without a valid driver's license, a misdemeanor.

The charges are the second that have been filed against a pair of migrants from Venezuela in recent weeks. Last month, two men from who migrated to Chicago from the South American nation were arrested after stealing merchandise from the same store. The men were fitted with electronic monitoring devices ahead of their Nov. 20 court dates.

Officers who were patrolling the parking lot at Oak Brook Center on Oct. 31 allegedly noticed Mendez-Gomez and Montez-Davila behaving in a "suspicious" manner as they left the Macy's store, according to a statement from the DuPage County state's attorney's office. The pair, who were carrying a "happy birthday" bag and a backpack containing merchandise, got into a car and left the area, prosecutors said.

[L-R] Frank Montes-Davila and Luis Mendez-Gomez (DuPage County states attorneys office)

A short time later, officers stopped the vehicle and discovered 16 high-end fragrances and a pair of pants, worth a total of $2,832.50, the statement said.

Investigators said Mendez-Gomez and Montes-Davila allegedly entered the Macy's store together. Once inside, Mendez-Gomez removed the "happy birthday" bag and backpack from under his shirt and the men filled both with the merchandise before leaving the store without paying for the items, prosecutors said.


Migrants accused in Oak Brook Macy's theft released on electronic monitoring

Charges have been filed against two Venezuelan migrants who allegedly stole over $1,700 from the Oak Brook Macy's store Monday evening.

"With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, I want to assure the public that in DuPage County we are one hundred percent committed to protecting our retail establishments, their employees and patrons, and anyone accused of robbing, burglarizing or shoplifting from any DuPage County business will be apprehended, charged and prosecuted," DuPage County State's Attorney Robert Berlin said in a statement.

Mendez-Gomez and Montes-Davila appeared in court Wednesday morning where Judge Joshua Dieden denied pre-trial release for both men.