Victim of botched Chicago police raid says Officer Ella French showed her 'dignity' and 'respect'

Anjanette Young, who is suing the city over a botched 2019 police raid at her home, says she is mourning the loss of Chicago Police Officer Ella French — the only officer who showed her "dignity or respect" that night.

Twelve officers, executing a search warrant, burst into Young’s home at 164 N. Hermitage. Young was forced to stand naked and handcuffed as an all-male team of officers stood by for 40 minutes, according to bodycam video first broadcast by CBS-2 Chicago.

In a statement Wednesday, Young said French showed up at her house after the raid and "assisted Ms. Young and allowed her to get dressed, in the privacy of her bedroom."

French is mentioned briefly in Young’s lawsuit against the city.

"The unknown female Chicago police officer walked Anjanette Young into her bedroom and removed the handcuffs," the suit states. "The female Chicago police officer then turned off her bodycam so Anjanette Young could get dressed."


Settlement talks between Young’s attorneys and the city broke down in June.

Young has called out Mayor Lori Lightfoot for not supporting an ordinance that would reform CPD policy on raids, banning "no-knock" warrants and requiring stricter verification of information before officers can get warrants. The "Anjanette Young Ordinance" has stalled in City Council committee.

"I will continue to fight until I receive the justice that I am due, or until you honor your words when you met with me in December," Young said in June, addressing her remarks to Lightfoot. "You said that you would make it whole. Your words carry no weight. I want action, and I want it now."

Full statement from Anjanette Young on passing of Officer Ella French, below:

"Ms. Anjanette Young joins the City of Chicago in mourning the loss of Chicago Police Officer Ella French.

Officer French was called to Ms. Young's home on February 21, 2019 (after the raid-she was not on the raid team). Officer French assisted Ms. Young and allowed her to get dressed, in the privacy of her bedroom.

Officer French was the only officer who showed Ms. Young any dignity or respect on the night of the raid.

Ms. Young is praying for Officer French's family and offers her sincerest condolences to them and all of Officer French's friends and colleagues."