Video appears to show woman stealing from car in Logan Square

A woman was caught on camera allegedly breaking into a car in the Logan Square neighborhood on Chicago’s Northwest Side.

The crime is one of the latest in a series of reported vehicle break-ins in the community.

The car break-ins have been happening in the pocket of Logan Square that sits north of the Square itself, right near the Kennedy Expressway.

Early last week, Logan Square resident Blake Whitmore opened up his car to find the inside ransacked.

“I believe I locked the car, but I came out the next morning noticing everything was just ripped out of that center console, all over the seat and then the one substantial thing that was missing from my car was my skateboard,” Whitmore said.

What the suspected thief forgot to grab, though, was Whitemore’s dashcam -- which caught the suspect in the act of committing the crime.

“It started rolling when they opened the car door and it caught them for about 12 seconds just rummaging through everything,” he said.

The suspected thief appears to be a white woman with straight brown hair and dark-rimmed glasses.

“I just shared it on Facebook and then I ended up finding out that it sounds like this person has done this to quite a few people in my neighborhood,” Whitmore said.

At least eight other Facebook users who live nearby reported the same thing has happened to them in recent weeks.

Whitmore did not file a police report because his skateboard is only valued at about $100. Other car owners in the neighborhood have reported losing small things, like phone chargers and sunglasses.