VIDEO: Chester Zoo giraffe gives birth to Rothschild's calf

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While the world waits for April the giraffe to have her calf at Animal Adventure Park in New York, a zoo in England is celebrating the birth of their own baby giraffe.

The Chester Zoo's giraffe named Orla gave birth and the moment was captured by waiting cameras. 

The zoo also shared the baby's firs, adorable, wobbly steps. They have yet to announce what they'll call the little baby. 

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The Chester Zoo's newest addition is a rare Rothschild's giraffe calf, of which there are an estimated 1,500 in the wild. April and Oliver at Animal Adventure Park are Reticulated giraffe. They are distinguished by their markings. 

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Rothschild’s giraffe facts:

-Mum Orla is eight years old (born 17/03/2008). She has previously given birth to two other calves at Chester Zoo, Millie and Kidepo

-Dad Meru is seven years old (born 03/04/2010)

-Rothschild’s giraffes are one of the most endangered of the nine sub-species of giraffe

-They are named after zoologist Lord Walter Rothschild, founder of the National History Museum in Tring, Hertfordshire

-The species is identified by its broader dividing white lines and has no spots beneath the knees

-Once wide-ranging across Kenya, Uganda and Sudan, the Rothschild’s giraffe has been almost totally eliminated from much of its former range and now only survives in a few small, isolated populations in Kenya and Uganda

-Estimates suggest that less than 1,600 Rothschild’s giraffes remain in the wild

-Roughly one-third of the surviving population of Rothschild’s giraffes live in zoos where carefully co-ordinated breeding programmes are creating a safety-net population for the species

-The main threat to the species now is loss of habitat and poaching for meat and hides

-In the past, giraffes were hunted for their tails, which were used as good-luck charms, sewing thread and even fly swats

-Predators to the Rothschild’s giraffe include hyenas, lions, crocodiles and leopards

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