Videos, photos show Chicago's biggest snowstorm on 56th anniversary of blizzard

Do you remember Chicago's biggest snowstorm? It occurred on this day 56 years ago in 1967.

The city was buried under 23 inches of snow. Walking was impossible and shoveling became deadly with 60 deaths blamed on the storm.

The city came to a halt with nearly 50,000 abandoned cars and 800 buses clogging the streets and expressways for weeks. 


All trains were stopped at O'Hare and Midway airports. Giant snow drifts covered the planes and runways. Both airports remained closed for five days.

Despite everything bad about the blizzard of '67, our own Dane Placko remembers it was a fun surprise for kids. 

These are home movies of him in Arlington Heights, sledding and building snowmen and tunnels.

Corey McPherrin also shared a photo with us, next to a snow igloo he built after that storm.