Watch: Dolphins guide lost whale and calf back to migration route in heartwarming display

In what can be described as nothing but heartwarming, a pod of dolphins led a los mother humpback whale and her calf back to their migration route. 

Local researchers filmed the touching since on October 18 near Bunbury Back Beach, Australia.

The Dolphin Discovery Centre Bunbury said drone footage showed the whale, initially mistaken for an orca due to her dramatic black and white markings, swimming with her calf behind the dolphins.

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Beachgoers also reported an albino whale or a possible orca to the center.

"For some reason, they came very close to the Bunbury coast before being guided back toward their migration route by a large group of Bunbury Back Beach Dolphins," the center said on its Facebook page.

Both whales were reportedly deemed healthy and returned to their migratory path.

Storyful contributed to this report. This story was reported from Los Angeles.