'Welcome to our Neighborhood' campaign reveals hidden gems in every Chicago neighborhood

How well do you know Chicago? 

A new tourism campaign reveals hidden gems in every Chicago neighborhood.   

It encourages locals to get out and explore.  

They call it the 77 best reasons to visit the city.

The city's tourism bureau has mapped out a perfect day in each neighborhood, highlighting different cultures and cuisines.

For example, in West Ridge, there is a Bungalow Historic District. 

In North Park, you can taste real maple syrup from the tree!  And visit one of the most authentic Nordic restaurants in the city. 


"In Bronzeville, we heard that they're proud of their history as a Black Wall Street and of the number of art galleries that they have but also about the Bronzeville Winery which recently opened as well as Norman's Bistro," said Rob Fojtik, the Vice President of Neighborhood Strategy at Choose Chicago.

You'll soon see the "Welcome to our Neighborhoods" campaign on billboards around the city.

You can get a preview at choosechicago.com.