Reckless homicide charge filed against teen in Chicago crash that killed 6-month-old boy

A 16-year-old boy was charged with reckless homicide in connection with a stolen car crash that killed a 6-month-old boy last April in the West Garfield Park neighborhood.

The teen, who has not been identified due to his age, was allegedly driving a stolen Hyundai Sonata on April 16 when he disregarded a traffic signal and crashed into a pickup truck in the 4400 block of West Washington Boulevard, according to police.

The truck then crashed head-on into a tree, causing the death of Cristian Uvidia, who had turned 6 months old the day before.

The baby's mother and two older sisters were also hurt, but have since been released from the hospital.

The 16-year-old driver was arrested Thursday in the 5100 block of South Wentworth Avenue. He was charged with reckless homicide with a motor vehicle, aggravated reckless driving causing bodily harm and possession of a stolen vehicle, all felonies.

Two other boys, 14 and 17, were arrested over a week after the crash and were each charged with one misdemeanor count of criminal trespassing. At the time, family members called on Cook County prosecutors to seek stricter penalties.

Cristian Uvidia | Provided

Annelisse Rivera, the victim's aunt, released a statement after the misdemeanor charges were filed last April.

"We are not only saddened by the loss of our precious baby, but we are disgusted by the fact that the city that we know and once loved is choosing to not defend and protect the victims of these terrible crimes, but instead chooses to sympathize with criminals… charging them with a misdemeanor isn’t just a slap on the wrist for them but a slap in the face for our family."