'Wheel of Fortune' fans outraged over 'ridiculous' puzzle: 'Shame on you'

"Wheel of Fortune" fans slammed the game show after a contestant guessed a bonus puzzle incorrectly, Tuesday night.

After game show player Angela guessed the letters "M, H, D, and O" to add to the "What Are You Doing?" category, she was faced with the prompt "_ O _ N _ N _ THE _ R _ _"

"Joining the cramp, joining the cra-, oop!" she answered after almost saying the word "crap."

"Joining the brag?!" Angela guessed as her final answer.

"Oop!" longtime host Pat Sajak reacted to her failed puzzle-solving attempt.

"Joining the fray," Sajak revealed.

"You got joining…that was a really nice try," the host laughed encouragingly.

Audience members in the background can be heard saying, "Aww," as they sympathized with the "Wheel of Fortune" contestant.


Angela, unfortunately, missed out on the grand bonus prize of $45,000.

She appeared to be a good sport about her loss and replied, "Not a problem," after the prize money was displayed.

She still left the popular game show with a hefty $20,563.

Although Angela seemed to be in good spirits, "Wheel of Fortune" fans at home were outraged.

"#Angela on @WheelofFortune got a piece of CRAP bonus round. I have NEVER heard of 'Joining the Fray' before in my ENTIRE life. Can we get some kind of sponsor to give this woman a prize?" one Twitter user wrote. "What the hell kind of puzzle was that??? Come on now. ridiculous!!"

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Another fan agreed with the comment and added, "Exactly!! I needed to get on Twitter and make sure I wasn’t the only one going 'wtf is that!!'"

"Angela you had one hell of a night, Joining the fray who the hell ever comes up with something like that as that’s freaking ridiculous…BOOOOOOO WOF for that," an upset user wrote.

"Wheel of Fortune" fans continued to express their anger and stood by Angela.

"Seriously? Joining the Fray? Your CFO clearly didn’t want to give away money tonight. Shame on you," wrote another.

The "Wheel of Fortune" mishap isn’t the first to be highly criticized by viewers.

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Last month, a Louisiana player named Micki guessed the puzzle incorrectly, causing major disappointment among fans.

Micki was three letters away from winning not only the million-dollar wedge but also a trip to Croatia.

Before announcing her letter, audience members are heard in the background cheering her on once the wheel landed on the Croatia wedge. Her previous spin won her a million-dollar wedge, which was displayed above the wheel.

The puzzle for the category "Thing" on the board read "A ROARING FIRE IN THE FIRE _ _ A _ E."

After Sajak asked what letter the contestant wanted, she nervously replied with the letter "S."

Micki appeared defeated after the buzzer sounded, signaling her guess was incorrect. The audience members were also heard groaning in the background over her letter choice.

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