Will Chuy Garcia run for mayor of Chicago again? Here's what he said

"Let’s keep talking baby" — That's what Congressmen Chuy Garcia says he told his wife when she raised concerns about him possibly running for mayor of Chicago again.

Garcia is widely considered the strongest challenge to Mayor Lori Lightfoot — if he runs.

Garcia says he thinks voters are not impressed with Lightfoot’s argument that shootings and killings are down compared to last year. Garcia notes that they’re up about 35% since 2019 when Lightfoot took office.


"Who are you gonna believe? People who live a reality and thus have a perception based on that reality, or someone who rolls out some statistics suggesting that crime is down in this category or that category – people feel unsafe, and that’s across the board in Chicago right now," Garcia said.

Garcia spoke to a town hall meeting in west suburban Northlake Monday night. Afterwards, he told FOX 32 Chicago that he has been in serious conversations with among others his wife who does talk about the potential downsides of becoming mayor.

"Are you ready to lose the little bit of privacy that we have?" Garcia said. "She makes it tough."

Garcia says he may wait until November to decide if he will run for mayor. His supporters say they’re ready to go as soon as he gives the word.