Willowbrook mass shooting victim speaks out from hospital bed: 'everyone was a target'

The emotional wounds are still lingering Monday after nearly two dozen people were shot during a Juneteenth celebration over the weekend. 

One person died as the chaos unfolded. 

The DuPage County Sheriff's Office said they aren't releasing the victims' names, locations or conditions out of an abundance of caution, however, FOX 32 spoke to one woman who is telling her own story.

She says she slid under a car to save her life.

"People were screaming everywhere, people were falling to the floor," said shooting victim Mariah Dixon.

Dixon says she saw a flier all over social media promoting the Third Annual Juneteenth Celebration on Kingery Highway in unincorporated Willowbrook. She was recording a dancing video when she captured the first two shots that were fired.

A total of 23 people were shot, and one person died. 

"Bullets were flying, there was no target everyone was a target," said Dixon.


The 23-year-old restaurant server spoke to FOX 32 Chicago from her hospital bed.

"While I was under the car, I felt myself get shot in my leg in the side of my knee. After I was shot, there were still 20 to 30 rounds still being fired," said Dixon.

Dixon was shot while she was under a car, hiding from the gunshots. She has already gone through surgery.

Her femur bone is broken, and it will take at least five months for her to be able to walk on her own.

Dixon says she's happy to be alive, but knows the victim, 31-year-old Reggie Meadows — a father of two young children.

"I am genuinely sorry for the person that lost his life, they took him away from his children on Father's Day," said Dixon.

The DuPage County Sheriff's Office says this investigation is far from over. Evidence techs are collecting evidence from vehicles and videos from nearby businesses.

Bullets and shell casings are also being processed.