Mass shooting at Juneteenth celebration leaves 23 wounded, 1 fatally near Willowbrook

A man was killed and 22 others were wounded by gunfire at a "peaceful Juneteenth gathering" in Unincorporated Willowbrook overnight, according to the DuPage County Sheriff.

Police and fire officials were called to the area of Honeysuckle Rose Lane and Route 83 at approximately 12:25 a.m. Sunday. 

There was a gathering near Hinsdale Lake Terrace that began around 6 p.m. and police were in the area monitoring the celebration. 

DuPage County deputies were nearby when they heard the gunshots and responded. They were told a fight had broken out before the gunfire erupted. 

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Reginald Meadows | GoFundMe

Officials said an unknown number of suspects fired multiple rounds from multiple weapons into the crowd. Along with the 23 gunshot victims, several other people were injured attempting to leave the area. 

Reginald Meadows, 31, was shot in the abdomen and pronounced dead, according to the DuPage County Coroner.

A witness on scene, Craig Lotcie, said people were gathered at a party when shots rang out.

"It was chaos," Lotcie said.

Video captured of the crime scene in the early hours of the investigation shows trash tossed all over the area and what appears to be a flag, used to symbolize Juneteenth, hung on a car.

"It was supposed to be like a Juneteenth celebration," said Markeshia Avery, another witness. "We just started hearing shooting, so we dropped down until they stopped. They just kept going. After that, we literally scattered away."

The other victims are being treated at several hospitals in the area, and their individual conditions are not known at this time. 

"Gathering for a holiday gathering should be a joyful occasion, not a time where gunfire erupts and families are forced to run for safety," Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker said.

The DuPage County Sheriff's Office is actively investigating. The crime scene was being processed throughout Sunday morning. 


There are no suspects in custody and no known motive for this attack.

The businesses and area in the immediate vicinity of where the shooting happened will remain closed until further notice.