Wilmington under Flood Advisory as Kankakee River ice dams threaten spillover

There are major flooding concerns down by the Kankakee River.

Ice dams have created a big problem, and the situation could get worse.

The National Weather Service issued a Flood Advisory through early Saturday morning in Wilmington because it sits along the Kankakee River.

Early Tuesday, the entire area was flooded. However, good news is the water has receded.

Ice dams are formed by melting snow and ice when temperatures rise above freezing for a period of time.

Near where I-55 runs over the river, drone video from Wilmington’s Emergency Services Disaster Agency shows from mid-Cottage Road just how fast the ice started moving when the weather warmed up Monday.


On Tuesday, the situation was even worse because the area got some rain. That’s when the Kankakee River spilled over, forcing it on to the roads in the Phelan Acres subdivision.

There was an evacuation because of the flooding, but everyone has since been able to return home.

No injuries were reported.

Wilmington Fire Protective Services and the Will and Grundy counties’ emergency management teams will continue to monitor water levels.