Woman finds door hidden behind mirror after having nightmare about it

It’s not always fun when dreams come true.

A TikTok user posted several videos detailing a bizarre discovery made at her mother’s salon. According to the videos, a blocked-up doorway was hidden behind one of the business’ mirrors.

To make the story even stranger, the woman claims she had a dream that there was something scary hidden behind that mirror before she even moved it.


A TikTok user from Texas named Miranda, who posts under the name Hippieloumom, has recently shared several videos about the discovery so far. In the first video, she filmed her mom removing the mirror and discovering a blocked doorway. After removing a layer of what appears to be Styrofoam, she comes across a solid door that won’t budge.

According to Miranda, her mother had recently had a dream that there were dead bodies hidden behind the mirror.

In the second and third videos, Miranda films the process of cutting through the blocked door, only to find another solid wall behind that. Miranda explains that the building is connected to a hotel that is supposedly haunted.

Miranda is likely describing the Rogers Hotel in Waxahachie, home to haunted history tours, according to TripAdvisor.

Since posting the original video, it has been viewed over 10 million times. Unfortunately, in one of the follow-up clips, Miranda explains that they probably won’t have answers anytime soon.

While they found what appears to be an old elevator shaft also connected to the wall with a boarded-up service window, they won’t be able to cut further into the hollow-sounding space without doing major construction.

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