Woman turns 106 years young, community hosts birthday bash

Photo: HarborChase of Prince William Commons

She is a treasured member of the community and today Ruth Monaco is celebrating an incredible milestone-- turning 106 years old!

Born in Wafordsburg, Pennsylvania, Ruth comes from a large family of eight brothers and sisters. While her late husband, Lewis Monaco, was at war during World War II, Ruth put herself through law school. She is a proud mother of two sons and was dedicated to raising them. She later worked for the Treasury Department until retirement. 

A current resident of HarborChase of Prince William Commons, an assisted living home, Ruth is a treasure and friend to all. In fact, she was the second member to move into the community. 

Today, Ruth turns 106 and for the big day HarborChase is hosting a special birthday party where residents, friends and family members will come together to celebrate with the birthday girl. And since Ruth's favorite color is purple, there will be 106 purple cupcakes waiting for her. 

“We are excited and honored to host Ruth’s 106th birthday.” Susan Haynes, Executive Director of HarborChase of Prince William Commons, said, “She is a wonderful and treasured member of our family here at HarborChase. At 106, she is still very much on the move. We can’t wait to celebrate this amazing milestone with her.”

Happy Birthday, Ruth Monaco! Here's to many more years.