Women protest outside Chicago Police HQ, demanding justice for victim of botched raid

On Sunday, more than 50 woman-led organizations protested outside Chicago Police headquarters to demand justice after the botched raid that left an innocent woman standing naked in her own apartment.

Social worker Anjanette Young was targeted by officers who had the wrong address last year. A dozen officers stormed into her home and handcuffed her before she could get dressed.

"Like Miss Young, all of those who stand before you have worked hard to change the world around us," said Nicole Johnson, founder of the Nia Collective.

The women's auxillary of the Rainbow Push Coalition organized the protest. They want the officers involved to be disciplined.

"Never again will we allow the Chicago police to cover up the behavior of police officers and others against innocent citizens," said Rev. Janette Wilson, Rainbow Push Senior Advisor.

The protesters want disciplinary action against the officers involved in the raid, and new laws passed to reprimand police.

Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton was there in support.

"We expect to be respected and safe especially in our own homes," Stratton said.

Young is expected to meet privately with Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot this week. Lightfoot has asked a federal judge to investigate the matter.