Ye, formerly Kanye West, sits down in exclusive interview with FOX News

Fresh off another firestorm, Kanye West sat down exclusively with FOX News Thursday night.

The rapper was most recently criticized for wearing a "white lives matter" shirt at Paris Fashion Week.

The artist formerly known as Kanye West, now known as Ye, talked exclusively to FOX's Tucker Carlson about, in his words, the "Liberal Nazi" mob mentality that consistently attacks him.

He was referring to Hollywood and mainstream media.


The interview focused on West's pro-life stance, why he speaks his mind and his support of former President Donald Trump — for whom he said "Trump only wanted nothing but the best for this country."

He also talked about his own political aspirations.

West is currently at odds with athletic brand Adidas for things he said about the company's CEO.

His Yeezy collection is one of the shoemakers bestsellers.