Young activist fighting against violence gunned down in Chicago

The Chicago community is remembering a teenager taken down by the violence he tried to stop. Many are vowing to carry on the work the young man started.

Balloons flew over Mather High School Tuesday to honor Caleb Reed. He was a student whose work to improve Chicago was cut short by the city's violence.

“I'm feeling so much grief right now about my son Caleb,” his mother said.

Police have not arrested the shooter who shot Caleb Friday afternoon in West Rogers Park.

Although only 17, his reach was evident by the crowd surrounding his family -- several community groups, working to end violence and systemic racism, and politicians inspired by him.

“The late Caleb fought against lack of resources to help heal trauma that young black and brown people are dealing with,” said State Rep. LaShawn Ford.

Caleb would have been a senior at Mather High School. There was a lot of talk about what he could have accomplished -- even comparisons to civil rights leaders.

“At 17-years-old, Caleb was clear and he spoke powerfully about the things he wanted to change,” said Alderman Andre Vasquez.

Caleb’s family says they will continue his work.

“This only the beginning. It’s not the end. We're going to continue to support him no matter what,” said Caleb’s brother Jermaine Pleasant.

“And all his goals of what he wanted to be a part of, we will be here for that,” added Caleb’s sister Jasmine Bradley.