Young model killed in Englewood drive-by

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A 20-year-old aspiring model was gunned down in Englewood on Monday.

Kaylyn Pryor was near her grandparent’s home when someone opened fire. She was offered a modeling contract last week and was planning to sign it today. She also took the top prize in the 'Mario Make Me a Model' competition on September 25.

Pryor was walking to a bus stop when she was shot in the 7300 block of South May. She was on top of the world and soon going to back school to be a lawyer.

Her family says she was shot and killed for no reason.

“She was just our superstar and we are going to miss her,” said Chantal Pryor, Kaylyn’s sister.

She said Pryor's life was just getting started.

“She just was the light, she kept everybody together,” said Chantal. “We were all having bad days, she was the one to come over and make a joke and that was our girl.”

The Pryor's grew up in Evanston after moving there from Englewood when they were young. Their grandparents still live in Englewood. 

“She had just, was leaving from visiting my grandparents, walking to where the bus stop was to come back to Evanston,” said Chantal.

Pryor had recently walked into a budding career as a model. In September, she won the Mario Tricoci modeling competition.

Mario Tricoci released a statement Tuesday saying they are saddened to learn of Pryor's death:

"We are saddened and broken-hearted to learn of the tragic passing of Kaylyn Pryor.  Our hearts and prayers go out to her family. This touches every one of us who knew and worked with her. Kaylyn will be remembered for her kind and generous spirit. She truly was beautiful inside and out." 

Pryor was struck by a bullet in the armpit, and then rushed to an area hospital where she died.

“I think he was from the block or around the area that she maybe knew and they were walking to the bus stop,” said Chantal.

Police say Pryor was not the intended target, and it’s still unclear if the 15-year-old boy that she was standing next to has any gang ties.

The boy suffered a gunshot wound to the groin, police said. He was listed in critical condition.

“It just doesn't make sense, we live here and we have gun violence and we are kind of brushing it off,” Chantal said. “It happens and it hits home and you don't know how to deal with it and it needs to be better, something has to happen.”

Police are still looking for the shooter. If you know anything about this shooting, call police. A $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest in the case. $5,000 is being donated by St. Sabina Church, and another $5,000 is being offered from the Leaders' Network. 

Family members say they are planning a candlelight vigial Saturday at Elks Park  from 7 p.m. until 8 p.m.