Baseball is back, but COVID-19 never left; Police plan to monitor social distancing on Opening Day

Opening day for Chicago baseball will be Friday, and although fans won’t be allowed at games, it’s not stopping White Sox and Cubs fans from getting in on the action. 
Chicago police say they anticipate fans will still go out to soak up the baseball ambiance.

“Diehard fans are diehard fans. They’re gonna want to enjoy it in some way, shape or form. They’re hungry for it,” said CPD Commander Sean Loughran. 

Although police will not be closing any streets around the ballparks, they will be monitoring fans for social distancing and drinking.

“I would also caution anybody who comes down, we’re not going to be tolerating any public drinking. We are going to be citing those individuals if appropriate,” said Loughran.

With Mayor Lightfoot’s new COVID-19 restrictions taking effect Friday, bars and restaurants around Wrigleyville have been warned inspectors will be watching.

Like many bars, Rizzo’s is only allowing people in by reservation.

“We’re following all the guidelines. We’re doing the hand sanitizer at the door. We are doing the social distancing. Tables are six feet apart,” said Eddie Mahoney from Rizzo’s Bar. 

The Cubs have closed Gallagher way, and say the giant video board will not show the game so as not to attract crowds.

While no fans are allowed in the ballpark, there is one place fans can actually watch the action live.

Cubs Marketing Director Colin Faulkner said they will open nine rooftops they own to a limited number of fans, with tickets starting at over $200.

“We’re asking fans to wear masks. It’s a requirement. Social distance and seat apart, so we’ve put markers on which ones are available and aren’t available," said Faulkner.