New guidelines go into effect when golf courses reopen Friday

Golf courses will officially reopen in Illinois on Friday, but not without a lengthy list of guidelines and restrictions for those hitting the course.

Some of the biggest changes include 15 minutes between tee times, no golf carts, and only privately-owned pull carts are allowed.

Practice ranges, chipping greens, and putting greens will remain closed, as will clubhouses, halfway houses and pro shops.

Flags may not be removed from the cup and the bottom of the cups must be elevated.

And while understanding the importance of these guidelines, there were still some unexpected restrictions.

"We were surprised a little bit," said Andy Mickelson, director of golf at Mistwood Golf Club. "I think a little bit more access to single-rider carts may have been nice. One of the other provisions that I hope change quickly is families. We've had some families that we have here where the husband and wife can't play with the kids so if they're from the same household, I'd like to see them play all together as a foursome."

There is no shortage of interest at Mistwood Golf Club. Tee times for members are booked seven days out and five days for non-members.

Golfing within Chicago city limits is not yet permitted.