13-foot high waves could hit Chicago shores Thursday

Thirteen-foot high waves could crash along the shores of Lake Michigan on Thursday, according to a flood advisory from the National Weather Service.

The advisory — set from 4 a.m. Thursday to 11 a.m. Friday — stretches from southern Wisconsin to northwest Indiana.

Large waves combined with high lake levels could flood lakeshore parks, trails, parking lots and other low-lying areas, the weather service warned.

Waves between 8 and 13 feet high were expected.


Wednesday night, rain will hit the Chicago area and continue until early Thursday afternoon, according to the weather service.

Thursday’s forecast calls for a high temperature of 39 degrees, with northeast winds of 25 to 30 mph and gusts up to 35 mph. Thursday night will be blustery with a low near 30 degrees, forecasters said.

But Chicago will catch a break Friday as the sun comes out and temperatures reach 42 degrees. Saturday was expected to be clear as well, with a high of 54 degrees. Sunday could see a high temperature of 63 degrees.