Tim's Weather Takeaways: Can I get a roar for warmer Chicago temperatures next week?

I'm not lion. It's going to be much warmer next week.

I was at Lincoln Park Zoo to visit the newest addition to their pride, Pilipili on Monday. He had his first encounter with rain this week since he was born back in the middle of March. He will soon experience some sub-Saharan Africa type temperatures like most members of his species regularly see.

It might not be exactly "weather whiplash" but next week will be dramatically warmer than the relatively cooler patter we find ourselves in this week.

The National Blend Of Models forecast keeps us mostly cooler than average through Sunday. The average high for this time of the year is in the upper 70s. This Sunday's date marks the first time this summer O'Hare has an average high of 80 degrees.


We will be close to that on Monday and then climb well into the 80s for the rest of next week. We will bounce back from nearly 12 degrees below average Wednesday to about 6 degrees above by next Tuesday. That is almost a 20 degree temperature swing.

It's an even more dramatic swing for areas along the lakefront that will only hit highs Wednesday in the lower 60s. It will feel nearly 30 degrees warmer there by the middle of next week.

The longer term temperature outlooks from the Climate Prediction Center hint that the third week of this month will be near normal overall. The 6-10 day outlook which covers this Sunday through next Thursday keeps us near normal (lower 80s) for the period.

The 8-10 day temperature outlook also has us near normal. It covers the period from next Tuesday through the following Monday. 

Both outlooks keep the highest probabilities for above average temperatures mainly to our south or west.