Chicago weather: After drastic drop in temps, warmth will return this weekend

Temperatures in Chicago dropped significantly Tuesday afternoon following the passage of a cold front.

Around 5 p.m., temperatures varied across the city, ranging from around 60 degrees at the lakefront to the upper 80s in LaSalle.

As night falls, expect partly cloudy skies with temperatures dipping into the lower 50s. Friday brings sunny weather with highs reaching the lower 70s, providing a pleasant start to the weekend.

As we progress through the weekend, we can anticipate a gradual warming trend. Saturday will be sunny with highs around 80 degrees, creating ideal conditions for outdoor activities. On Father's Day, temperatures continue to rise, reaching the mid-80s under abundant sunshine.


While there is a slight chance of a shower Sunday night or Monday, most areas in Chicago are unlikely to see any significant rainfall. However, it's always a good idea to stay updated with the latest forecasts for any changes.

Looking ahead to next week, temperatures will remain warm in the 80s across the city. It's worth noting that lakefront locations may experience slightly cooler temperatures, with some days reaching only into the 70s.

Be sure to enjoy the pleasant weather conditions this weekend, and stay tuned for any updates or changes in the forecast.