Severe storms, possibly tornadoes sweep through Illinois

A strong storm tore through the southwest suburbs Saturday afternoon, with high winds leaving downed trees and power lines in its wake in Joliet.

Damage reports suggest a small tornado may have whirled through nearby Minooka, but meteorologists have not confirmed a touchdown, the weather service said. Funnel clouds were briefly sighted in Livingston, Pontiac and Ogle counties as well.

Left photo: possible tornado in Calumet City; Right photo: possible tornado between Elwood and Joliet

In Joliet, powerful “straight-line” winds wreaked havoc on the area, the weather service said, but never formed into a tornado. Residents took to social media to post pictures and videos of the damage.

Storm damage in Joliet, IL (Photo by Sam Alee)

Temperatures remained around 75 degrees throughout the afternoon, but are expected to drop to about 64 degrees tonight, forecasters said.

Isolated storms are expected to continue through the weekend but temperatures are predicted to hover around 80 degrees both Sunday and Monday, forecasters said.

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