Single-digit wind chills fuel coldest day of the season

This is by far the coldest morning of season and of this entire forecast period. 

Winter weather has been hard to come by so today’s blast of cold does arrive with a bit more perceived oomph. Some suburbs have dipped into the single digits this morning with the metro barely in the teens. 

Wind chills will remain near zero until midday when highs climb into the mid 20s. Skies will fill with clouds in response to a Clipper-type system. 


A few flurries are likely this afternoon with a small chance that somebody has a dusting.  

Flurries remain possible into tomorrow morning before skies clear and temperatures rise above freezing. 

Thursday morning there could be a flake or two-again nothing plow-worthy.  

Friday looks much milder with 50s for highs despite occasional rain. After tomorrow, every day through the weekend will have highs above normal.