Warmer temps will hang around through Thursday in Chicago but just wait

Barry Butler Photography | https://www.barrybutlerphotography.com/

We adjusted our clocks this weekend but it seems like at the beginning of the month we needed to adjust our calendars. The last month of fall has gotten off to a warm start. It has seemed more like September than November. The month is now running over 12 degrees above average. 

We've had three days with highs hitting the 70s and three with highs in the 60s so far.

We barely drop below average today and then bounce back above as quickly as tomorrow. The average high for Monday's date is 53 degrees. 

The warm-up continues through Thursday when we should hit highs about 20 degrees above average. The bottom begins to drop out on Friday as highs fall back into the upper 50s.


This weekend could be the coldest we have seen in just over seven months. Highs this weekend will drop to nearly 15 degrees below average. It's weather whiplash once again with a 36 degree swing in high temperatures between Thursday and Saturday.

Break out those winter coats. The colder pattern that comes in over the weekend could stick around well into November.

The Climate Prediction Center's 6-10 day has us outlooked to be "likely below" average overall from this Saturday through the following Wednesday. 

That blob of blue on the map that indicates the portion of our country expected to be below average during this period is the biggest I have seen in several months.

The 8-14 day temperature outlook keeps this colder pattern coming deep into the month. We are outlooked again to be "likely below" average overall from next Monday through the following Sunday.