At least 18 people break into post office at Thompson Center in Loop

Between 18 and 20 people broke into the post office at the Thompson Center in the Loop early Monday.

The group broke through the front door of the post office in the first block of West Randolph Street around 12:35 a.m. and were able to gain entry to the vestibule portion of the postal station, police said.

There is a second security door further inside and it was unclear whether the group was able to access that area.

Inside the first vestibule, is an automatic station to buy stamps, a mail drop-off slot and more than 100 postal boxes.

It was not known if anything was taken from the postal office or what the group was targeting.


There have been a number of thefts of mail at postal boxes around the city and suburbs over the last few years. Thieves typically look for checks before "washing" them, writing in new information and cashing them.

No one is in custody.