2 dogs accused of multiple attacks in Chicago suburbs have bitten again, police say

The two dogs accused of attacking multiple people and pets in suburban Chicago are now accused of a third attack — and would be put down Wednesday night.

The Elmwood Park police chief says the latest attack happened Wednesday morning just before 10 a.m. near Wellington Avenue and 77th Court.

The chief says a man was walking his dog when the two dogs — a Pitbull and Akita mix — attacked them. Both the dog and dog owner were bitten.

Back in May, the Pitbull and Akita mix were accused of attacking two people and their dogs in Palatine. One of the dogs was killed.

A judge told the owner of the dogs that they had to be moved out of Palatine as part of a plea deal.


Then, in August, the dogs were accused of attacking a woman and her retriever mix in Elmwood Park. That woman filed a lawsuit against the village of Palatine claiming in part that the village was negligent by not euthanizing the animals after a deadly attack.

The attorney for the victims says they are relieved to know these attacks will not happen again.

"To have these dogs finally be taken out of our society - we now have a peace of mind to know that that's not going to happen. That’s not going to happen to another innocent person walking down the street. It's not going to happen for God forbid to some child who is on his way to school who is walking with his parent and their dog. So in that sense, they're very relieved that this...that we're not going to hear about anything like this again," said attorney Mike Schostok.

The chief says as the attack happened he was working with the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office about deeming the dogs vicious.