5 puppies stolen from home, leaving owners distraught

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A couple is devastated after five precious puppies were stolen from an Ormond Beach home on Sunday.

"It's just heartbreaking that somebody could do this," said owner Stephanie Keenan.  "We first realized that our bedroom door was kicked in, the lock was broken."

Keenan and her boyfriend came home to find tools missing and the pups were gone.  The couple says they are doing some work on their home, and it is believed that the suspect, or suspects, were able to get through a wood panel and into the living room.   

A small pen where the puppies were kept now sits empty. Their mother, Snowflake, was left behind at the house. 

"She's devastated. She's depressed. She's erratic. She's been going through the whole house looking for them, looking under couches, looking under shelves," Keenan explained. 

The Yorkie-Chihuahua mixes are only three weeks old and had not been weaned from Snowflake. 

"They need mom, and I'm scared that they're not going to survive, and it hurts," she said.

The couple has been in touch with shelters and pet stores. Keenan is begging the person who took her pooches to return them, no questions asked. 

"There will be no ill will. Just bring the puppies back. Mom is freaking out. I'm freaking out, just bring them back please."

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office is investigating, she said.  She is hoping evidence collected at the scene and surveillance video from the neighborhood could help reunite this family.