Activists push for changes after CPS IG report reveals sexual misconduct involving kids

Community activists are calling on the CEO of Chicago Public Schools to make sweeping changes after shocking findings from a CPS’ Inspector General report.

The report was released earlier this month, and the most shocking was the details of sexual misconduct involving children.

Activists gathered outside of Foreman College Career Academy on North LeClaire Avenue. They were calling for change after the report revealed at least 20 sexual misconduct investigations involving students as young as elementary age.


Complaints were filed against teachers, custodians, security guards and school vendors. They included everything from being friends on Facebook to sexual acts on campus.

In 2022, 450 cases were investigated by the Inspector General. Some resulted in firings and criminal charges. Others were unsubstantiated.

"They need to screen these teachers before they hire them. That's what we're asking for today. We're asking for reform today, and we're asking for our CEO and also the mayor to take this serious and to stop these sexual assaults of our children. Our children are our future," said Raul Montes Jr., community activist.

FOX 32 has reached out to the CPS school district for comment, but have yet to hear back.