Adorable baby tapir born at Brookfield Zoo

There’s a new addition at the Brookfield Zoo, and visitors can begin seeing the newborn on Thursday.

The male calf is a South American tapir. He was born Sunday to his mom "Sorghum" and dad "Sonny" after a 13-month gestation. His birth weight was 20 pounds.

"Being able to monitor the development of the tapir fetus and the well-being of Sorghum throughout her pregnancy, is a testament to our dedicated staff and the relationship they have with the animals in their care," said Joan Daniels, senior curator of animals for the Chicago Zoological Society, which manages Brookfield Zoo.


The newborn calf doesn't have a name yet. His white stripes are camouflage, which will fade as he reaches 6-months-old.

The calf will reach full size at 18-months and is considered mature at two to four years old, the zoo said.

Tapirs have thick sin, are excellent swimmers, and can run fast in short bursts.

If you want to adopt a tapir, check out the zoo's website, HERE.