Andersonville named 2nd coolest neighborhood in the world by Time Out

It looks like you don't have to go far to enjoy a world-class vacation

The Andersonville neighborhood on the North Side was just named the second coolest neighborhood in the world by Time Out Magazine.

The only neighborhood in the world cooler than Andersonville is Norrebro on the north side of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Andersonville is known for its historic Swedish roots and LGBTQ nightlife.

Andersonville was recognized for its location close to beaches, parks and for its nightlife.


"Over the past year, the area has bounced back in a big way, welcoming new bars (Nobody’s Darling, the Bird Cage) and restaurants (Parson’s Chicken & Fish), while events like the Taste of Andersonville have done a top job of showcasing beloved local institutions," the article reads.

To get the real flavor, Time Out recommends visiting the "Midsommerfest" every June.

According to Time Out, during the pandemic the community has remained vibrant, with new businesses opening and environmentally friendly initiatives like Clark Street Composts.