Animals rescued at Wheeling shelter after quick action from waste pickup worker

A Wheeling animal shelter experienced flooding this week due to a water main break.

According to Heartland Animal Shelter, the flooding was first noticed by a waste pickup worker from WM Waste Management of Illinois. This worker, who waves to the cats sitting on the windowsills every morning, saw more cats than usual and realized the shelter was flooding.

He promptly contacted the Wheeling Fire Department, which quickly responded to the situation.

Fortunately, all the animals in the shelter were safe, but the shelter had to be evacuated.

The shelter is now seeking foster homes for their animals along with donations.

If you are looking to donate to the shelter, click here.

The shelter also shared this list of items that they are in need of following the flood:

  • (50) 24x36 or 36x48 pop up cages
  • 60 cat carriers
  • Cases of canned wet food for kittens, cats and dogs
  • Cases of dry food for cats and dogs
  • Cases of paper plates for serving food