Argo High School students graduate after delay due to threats

A week after a threat of gun violence forced school officials to postpone Argo High School’s graduation, the commencement ceremony went off Tuesday night without a hitch.

There was a stepped up police presence in and outside Seat Geek Stadium in Summit for the ceremony. It was supposed to have been there last Tuesday but the district decided to postpone after two boys used social media to threaten gun violence. 

Those boys, both juveniles, were taken into custody, with police later determining their threats were not credible. The students and parents we talked to tonight all agreed: postponing for one week was the right call.

"I think that it was a good idea and it was safe because everything that was happening in our school, so yeah, it was a good idea,” said Ajanae Morgan, a graduating senior. 

“That’s always the parents’ biggest concern is that the children are safe, so I was happy with the decision,” said Darcel Dorch-Davis, a mother. “I thought it was the right thing to do."

The Argo superintendent released a statement tonight, saying in part: “Over the past week, our school community has been tested and I cannot express how grateful I am for our students, parents, and staff who immediately showed us how much they car for Argo Community High School.”

Summit police say the two boys who made the threats have been criminally charged, but have since been released from custody.