Bailey calls new voter opinion survey showing Pritzker up big 'laughable'

National voter opinion surveys suggest Republicans are gaining momentum, but a new voter opinion survey released Monday finds incumbent Democrats in Illinois leading by large margins in three key races.

The survey done for the Illinois Broadcasters Association looked at the contests for governor, U.S. senator and attorney general.

The survey found Governor JB Pritzker with 49.7% — nearly double Republican challenger Darren Bailey's 27.7%. About 16% didn't answer or were undecided, while about 6% supported a Libertarian Party candidate.

A spokesman for state Sen. Bailey called the results, "laughable." The survey was conducted from Oct. 5 to Oct. 11.

A separate survey conducted Oct. 11 to 12 for the Sun-Times and WBEZ also found 49% supporting Gov. Pritzker. Bailey had 34%.


The race for U.S. senate looked similar. Incumbent Tammy Duckworth polled at 48.2%, while Republican Kathy Salvi was at 28.5% — with about 18% undecided and six percent favoring a Libertarian Party candidate.

In the contest for Illinois attorney general, incumbent Kwame Raoul polled at 42.6%, while Republican challenger Thomas DeVore was at 25.2% — with 27% undecided or not answering, and nearly six percent voting for the Libertarian nominee.

In addition, the survey asked voters which three issues were most important. Forty-one percent cited Illinois’ finances/taxes/spending; 39% crime; 37% jobs and the economy. Combining the 23% who named women's rights with the 19% who cited the Supreme Court's recent abortion ruling would make those related concerns the top issue.

A thousand Illinois registered voters took part in the Broadcasters Association's survey, which is accurate to within plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.

The Bailey campaign released the following statement Monday night:

"This is not a legitimate poll. It’s an internet survey and anyone who cares about honest journalism would do a better job of disseminating information to the people. Our polling shows this race is close because JB Pritzker has failed Illinoisans. Darren Bailey is focused on making Illinois safer and more affordable for everyone and we’re confident voters will choose a better direction for Illinois on Election Day."