California's 'Duck Walk Killer' and Rogers Park shootings 'not related': officials

Police said they do not believe a California serial killer and a gunman in Chicago responsible for two high-profile murders in 2018 are the same person despite their similar walking style.

The Stockton, California serial killer is responsible for the murders of six people since April 2021, which were linked through ballistic evidence, according to local police. Surveillance footage of the gunman walking led to the suspect being named of the "Duck Walk Killer"

The suspected masked gunman in Rogers Park is wanted in the "execution-style" killings of 73-year-old Douglass Watts and 24-year-old Eliyahu Moscowitz in 2018. Both victims were shot in the head, according to police.


The gunmen in both states appear to have a similar stride and unusually upright posture. Despite the similarities, Stockton police said there is no reason to believe the two cases are related.

"As part of our investigation, we have reached out to numerous law enforcement agencies in our state and across the nation," Stockton Police Public Information Officer Joe Silva said. "We did our due diligence reaching out to Chicago PD based off the videos we have seen of their suspect.  At this time though, we do not have anything linking the two investigations. At this time, it appears the two are not related"

CPD spokesperson Maggie Huynh said the cases do not appear to be related.

"We are aware of the Stockton Police Department investigations and are in contact with their detectives. At this time, we do not believe there is a link in these investigations," Huynh said in a statement.

Watts was shot and killed Sept. 30, 2018, around 10 a.m. while walking his dogs. Police said a gunman dressed in all black and wearing a ski mask approached the 73-year-old and shot him in the head before fleeing.

About 36 hours after Watts was gunned down, police said Moscowitz was shot and killed a half mile away on a lakefront path at Loyola Park.

Chicago police offered $150,000 for information leading to the Rogers Park shooter's arrest.

Officials in Stockton are offering $125,000 for information leading to an arrest in their slayings.