Carjacking victim attacked with screwdriver says deputy charged with murder saved his life

A St. Louis deputy indicted for murder is getting support from a carjacking victim who says the officer saved his life.

"We're inside of that Dodge Ram truck and he's on top of me with that screwdriver and he's trying to stab me in the chest and my face with that screwdriver," Stephen Burgett told KMOV.

Earlier this week, James Buchanan was indicted for second-degree murder and armed criminal action for shooting and killing the suspected carjacker, William Burgess back in July 2020.

The 67-year-old victim, Burgett, and his grandson were at a Mcdonald's drive-thru in St. Louis when Burgess approached the vehicle and attempted to stab Burgett through the window with a screwdriver.

After getting behind the wheel of the pick-up truck, Burgess attempted to run over the victims, who were now on the sidewalk. Burgess hit the grandfather in the leg but missed his 10-year-old grandson before crashing the pick-up truck.

According to St. Louis County Media Relations Officer, Tracy Panus, St. Louis police officers stopped to assist the victims. In the same instance, the fully uniformed but off-duty Deputy Buchanan, chased down the suspect and shot him. William Burgess later died from bullet wounds. 

The Associated Press reports that Buchanan's lawyer said his client shot the suspect in self-defense.


Burgett thanks Deputy Buchanan "so much for saving my life and my grandson's life." Although Burgett wishes the shooting did not happen, he believes Burgess "died for his sins."

Buchanan, who has been with the Sheriff's department for 20 years, faces 10-30 years to life behind bars if convicted of the murder charge. He also faced a minimum of 3 years if he is convicted of the criminal action charge.

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