Chicago activists rally to exonerate man from murder conviction

A group of activists in Chicago are fighting to get a man cleared of a murder conviction.

In 2012, Douglas Livingston was convicted of first-degree murder and aggravated battery with a firearm.

He has served 10 years of a 26-year sentence. 

The group, "The Chicago Alliance Against Racism and Political Repression" said he was wrongfully convicted and they blame Chicago Police Sergeant Brian Forberg. 

They are calling for Livingston's release. 

"My nephew was wrongfully convicted… to 46 years. That's basically life for something we all know he did not do. It's all in the court records," Livingston's aunt Norma Scales said. 

The group is calling on Cook County State's Attorney Kimm Foxx to vacate more wrongful convictions before she leaves office.