Chicago area couple's podcast digs deeper into well-known crimes, cold cases

You’ve heard of Starsky and Hutch, Bones and Booth, and Beckett and Castle. But have you heard of Kashirsky and Kashirsky?

In a FOX 32 Special Report, we introduce you to a pair of west suburban streaming super sleuths.

Scott Peterson to Drew Peterson — those are just a few of the cases Mark Kashirsky and his wife Jamie re-examined with their podcast listeners, offering them a perspective few get to see.

Mark is a retired south suburban police detective and Jamie is a paramedic.

Ten months ago, they decided to combine their unique careers and launch a podcast that takes their listeners inside the investigations in to not only well known cold cases, but some that have been solved too.

"That’s my goal. I want to find stuff that people have not heard before," Jamie said.

When she’s not at her regular job or taking care of their two kids, Jamie spends what little spare time she has researching the next case they are going to profile on their podcast.

"I don’t sleep. He’s laughing because he wakes up at 2 in the morning and is like, ‘seriously go to bed,’" Jamie said.


In the roughly 45 weeks they have been on the air, they have produced 40 episodes. Many of them are at the requests of listeners.

"The first two we did, we did local. Because we knew them. We had ties to them," Jamie said.

Those two cases were Drew Peterson and Jaclyn Dowaliby.

In 1988, a 7-year-old girl was taken from her Midlothian home in the middle of the night. Her body was found just days later in Blue Island.

After reading through dozens of documents in the Peterson case, Jamie says she learned this about Stacy Peterson’s disappearance.

"He took and parked her car at Clow Airport and she called him – supposedly, according to him – she called him and said she left her car at the airport and he needed to go pick it up," Jamie said.

And with the Dowaliby case, it was a chance to tell people about an investigation they might not know about from a very unique perspective.

"My father was the agent assigned to the case. So when we did that podcast, we had a lot of inside information from my father," Mark said.

They hope to help police solve a case one day. For Mark, he'd like it to be the Dowaliby case — while Jamie would like it to be the Delphi murders out of Indiana.


In the meantime, their podcast is helping the community in other ways.

"I just received not too long ago another subject who believes his nephew was murdered and is asking for help on the case," Mark said.

Before that, a woman from Alabama contacted them about her sister's death.

"I helped her with the medical records and stuff and he’s helped her with FOIA’s, who to talk to, what to say and how to get information from the district attorney," Jamie said.

Even though the podcast is called "Death Do Us Part," it seems to have a rejuvenating aspect to it.

"I liked the idea," Mark said. "Plus, it made me feel like I was still doing the job."

Mark retired not that long ago from the Riverdale Police Department, following complications from back surgery. So now it’s this podcast and listeners from across the country that keep him on his toes.

Mark and Jamie's "Death Do Us Part" podcast is available on most streaming platforms.

You can also find them on Facebook if there's a case you'd like to request them to cover.