Chicago-based company creates board game inspired by rats as city is once again named rat capital of the US

A Chicago-based company has created a board game inspired by rats as the city has once again been named the rat capital of the country.

In the Target: Rats Game, each player is on a mission to multiply their rat family, build new nests and be crowned "Da Big Cheese," which is the rat ruler who sits atop of a golden thrown of Chicago deep dish pizza, the creators of the game said.


In order to multiply your rat family, the rats must scurry around the board searching for Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches, tamales and other food items left in the dumpster.

However, a wrong move could lead your rat to cats, hawks, garbage trucks or the dreaded exterminator.

On the board, the rat pawns will move between the rings of a target along three levels: the surface, the underground, and the bullseye center of Rat City where the rat ruler, Da Big Cheese, lives, the creators said.

There is a surface deck and an event deck that will help determine what will happen to the rats.

The first player to build three nests and become Da Big Cheese wins the game!

"The Target: Rats board game was born from that universal Chicago experience of seeing the rat poster in your back alley. In this fast-paced strategy game with lots of references to Chicago foods and traditions, you build a rat family and try to capture control of Rat City," said Tim Gillengerten, owner of Transit Tees. "We love making games and products with a Chicago focus that our friends, families and Chicago fans will not only enjoy for the holidays but also for years to come."

The board game retails for $45 and is available for presale online.

A free launch event for the game will be held Thursday, Nov. 17 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Emporium Logan Square.

Visit the website to learn how to RSVP to get your free ticket.