Chicago businesses struggling to reopen one year after unrest

Nearly half a dozen business along East 47th Street in Bronzeville are now closed.

James Clark owns JC’s Shoe Parlor. He says he felt helpless as vandals destroyed shops right across the street from him.

"While they were tearing up everything, I was right here, I saw everything," Clark said.

Walgreens at 75th & State was also ransacked and is now boarded up.

Walgreens reportedly spent $35 million to reopen more than 70 Chicago stores following last year’s unrest.

"I’m so happy there was no looting, because I have to go out of my neighborhood to get a loaf of bread. I don’t appreciate that. I can’t go to the store, cash station, anything," one resident said.

Hundreds of Chicago and suburban businesses were looted following George Floyd’s murder last year.

So far, the city’s looting task force has charged 115 people with felonies, according to Chicago police.

With a guilty verdict on all three charges in the Derek Chauvin case, some Chicagoans say they’re in part relieved as neighborhoods already stricken, simply could not handle another riot.   


When asked, "Do you think if the verdict had gone a different way, we would have seen more destruction?" One resident responded, "Absolutely, we would have torn this country up".

Looting last year cost Chicago businesses a reported $66 million. The task force is still working to arrest more perpetrators.